Love Mondays: 10 simple rituals

Even working in the company of Dreams, sometimes I want to “cancel” Mondays, as in a famous song. In order not to start every week with a bad mood, we recommend 10 simple rituals.

1. Do Sunday the first day of the week

First of all, stop considering Sunday the saddest weekend. Start with it the countdown of a new week: go to the late breakfast, wander around the farm products market or meet an old friend. And just relax!

2. Plan an exciting event

Sounds like crazy, is it not true? Nevertheless it works. You will look forward to the evening if you plan an interesting event. Board of board games with friends, night session in the cinema or going to the bar on a glass of wine.

Do not postpone the most pleasant things for the weekend, the taste of life gives such spontaneous solutions.

3. Reduce the list of affairs and put priorities

Often Monday becomes endless due to the fact that you planned too much on this day. I would like to have time not only to complete the urgent matters, but also to work shock on new projects. The list of cases occupies several sheets in the diary, and you simply forget about lunch.

Drive priorities. Choose only “burning tasks” for the beginning of the week and more time devote more time to competent planning.

4. Choose a outfit in advance

Prepare your clothes in advance, stand an hour earlier, stroke your skirt and blouse. Beautiful appearance and pleasant words – the best motivator.

5. Listen to a new podcast

Find the podcasts that you really like, and write them down in order to listen on the way to work. Devote yourself to rest on weekends, and start a week with new knowledge, which, by the way, you can immediately realize the next 24 hours.

6. Diversify your two liters of water per day

We all know that you should drink at least six glasses of clean water per day. But sometimes it bothers and I want to somehow diversify a useful habit. Therefore, add pieces of lemon or cucumber to the water, luxury slices or mint leaves.

7. Prepare a new dish

Cooking is a kind of meditation that has a therapeutic effect on the inhabitants of big cities. Look for new recipes, since there is no shortage of culinary resources now. Frozen products are certainly more practical, but it is worth trying your hand at preparing homemade food.

8. Book the best fitness lesson in the city

If you are not playing sports, it’s time to do it. Choose time and find classes to your liking – Pilates on Monday will give you an extraordinary charge of energy, and yoga at the end of the week will help restore lost strength and relax.

9. Go to bed early

Take it the rule by 21:30 to be in bed. Take a relaxing bath before this, drink a cup of herbal tea and put gadgets on a silent mode of operation. Plan cases or read before bedtime.

10. Bull fresh bedding

What could be more pleasant than crispy sheets and aroma of freshness? This will help fall asleep faster and get up in a great mood.

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